Throwback Thursday to 2009 London Trip!

Throwback Thursday to 2009 London Trip!

I am a firm believer in everyone getting to experience the world and cultures around them, so naturally I planned a trip for me and my youngest daughter Anna to take her first trip abroad. I thought to myself what better place to see first then London. We did many of the typical tourist things as well as ate amazing food, saw Mamma Mia, and even befriended/dined with some locals. All in all it was a successful trip I’d say. Watch out guys bringing out the old school date stamped photos.

1909675_1170639460119_1355000_nJust before Mamma Mia


Covent Garden Market where I like to go to listen to the musicians on Saturday mornings while in London.


Big Ben, although I am sure most of you could’ve guessed that.



Letting Anna see Buckingham Palace

1909675_1170639540121_2671662_nOne of the funniest locals we got the privilege of dining with as well as his friends.

This was one of my favorite trips. I always enjoy letting someone else experience what its like to travel and see something so different from whats in their realm of “normal”. Traveling you have the opportunity to discover so much more about yourself, and giving that to others is a special thing.


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