Father’s Day 2015: The Hardest And Most Rewarding Job There Is

Father’s Day 2015: The Hardest And Most Rewarding Job There Is

Happy Father’s Day to the fellow Fathers out there. To me being a Father is the hardest and most rewarding job there is, next to being a Mother. Father’s Day to me is just another day of my lifetime duties to be everything my children need regardless of their ages. I don’t need gifts and cakes, well unless its German Chocolate then maybe some cake. However, I am just happy to have 3 beautiful, intelligent, healthy, and caring children who make my life complete. Even if throughout the years they have tried my patience like buying a horse without my knowledge, totaling a car I bought them, or accidentally flooding my bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Yes, despite all the headaches every little story and mistake makes them who they are today. You live and learn. It’s my job to advise, teach right from wrong, be there when things go wrong, and love them unconditionally. This job is a roller coaster that never stops, so take this time to relax with your family. You deserve it.

——-A few pictures of my children and I.











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