The Magical World of Disney

The Magical World of Disney


As you’ll come to realize I thoroughly enjoy traveling with my family. As tourist as it may sound, I love Disney World. I walk in feeling anxious, excited, and much like a kid again. I’d like to think a trip there a year keeps me young but in actuality it just makes my pockets lighter with the skyrocketing prices.

Regardless I still fit in a trip or two and usually bring family as well as friends to experience the fun. My youngest daughter shares the love for Disney World as well. Although she shows her love by choosing to do an internship there and major in hospitality management.

At Disney World you can find roller coasters, shows, light parades, and a variety of tasty not so healthy snacks. I justify it by telling myself the classic line “it’s okay I’m on vacation”.  At least they are tasty right? Churros, chocolate dipped ice cream cones, mac n cheese, turkey legs, and personal favorite fudge.


Disney World has people from all over the world to come and see it. Lets face it, its pretty infamous. It is on the must do before die list for most people. For me it has become must do at least 25+ times before I die.

Maybe its the thrill of the roller coasters, for example Space Mountain a personal favorite. Maybe its the light parades I remember seeing with my children when the were little. For whatever reason it sparks something in me that makes me feel young and alive.

I will always recommend Disney World to any fellow traveler as a go to destination at least once in your life.


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