How to avoid pick-pocketing while traveling

How to avoid pick-pocketing while traveling

Many newbie travelers never even stop to think about whether or not they have the proper attire to avoid being pick-pocketed. When traveling abroad, it is all too common for you to be targeted for pick-pocketing. Some great ways to avoid being targeted are the following:

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    Avoid wearing any of your fancy jewelry or “BLING” n public or other items that may draw extra attention to you.

  • If you carry a backpack or another type of zippered bag you can get a lock with key, zip tie, or even paper clips can be used. The goal is to make it more difficult for them to get into your bag so it will deter them and they will move on.

  • Make copies of ALL of your important documents; passport, license, debit/credit cards, travel insurance, etc.

  • If you possibly drink too much, make sure to stay with a sober friend you know and trust or take a cab back to where you are staying.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Many times pick-pocketers will try to cause a disturbance in a crowd to distract everyone while others start taking belongings.

Hope these tips help you to be safer in your travels!

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